Planning, Estimating & Sales

With our complete sales department at your service, we can provide you with a detailed proposal and schedule at competitive market prices. We define the need; we contact the approving authorities; we plan your system to meet all code requirements, with your particular product in mind.

Layout & Submittals

Our experienced technicians layout your complete fire protection sprinkler system for submittal to the approving authorities for their review and stamp of approval.


Our in-house fabrication shop translates the blueprints and “stocklist” into the actual material required for all your projects. All pipes, welds, joints, etc. are properly tested in accordance with NFPA requirements.

Installation, Testing & Certification

Our experienced crew arrives at your project on time on on the day specified in order to install the complete system in accordance with all codes and regulations. All required field tests are performed on your system. Results are furnished to the owner and to the approving authority, who will issue a final certification.


Northwest Fire Protection, Inc. has a separate department which handles smaller projects in a fast and efficient manner. From revisions of a sprinklered building to a brand new lease space in a mall, we can provide approved fire sprinkler protection to satisfy any customer. Also in this department we repair backflow assemblies and inspection impairments.


Our Testing, Inspection and Preventive Maintenance capabilities can cover all your fire and life-safety systems. We can help you maintain your systems with regularly scheduled inspections and testing to ensure compliance with regulations and to maximize insurance savings. We can assist in adhering to the authority having jurisdictions (AHJ) preferences, NFPA standards, and your maintainence and facility schedules.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems:

Our comprehensive Sprinkler Testing and Inspection Services conform to NFPA Standards 25 and 13. Our inspectors understand the intricacies of your system, will correct problems that could impact safety, and will provide the documentation you need for compliance with insurance and fire codes.

Proper installation and follow-up service and inspection of fire protection, suppression and alarm systems are the keys to a successful operation of the system if an emergency situation should arise.

Our inspection employees are trained in checking all types of fire protection systems in accordance with the requirements of manufacturers and national fire codes. These systems include: Fire Sprinkler systems, Backflow devices, Fire pumps, Fire Hydrants, Special Hazards, etc.